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We collaborate with academic, patient and industry groups to quickly progress new rare disease treatments through the clinic and towards patients

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Rare Treatment Accelerator

Through our Rare Treatment Accelerator programme, we partner with academic groups, patient organisations and early-stage biotechs who have identified drug repurposing opportunities for rare diseases but who need additional financial and clinical resources to take these all the way to patients.

Please take a look at our Rare Treatment Accelerator for more information on entry criteria and the selection process. For all other questions, please email our team at accelerate@healx.io


Patient group partners

We believe the best way to progress treatments is to work closely with patient groups – they are the rare disease experts after all. We work with patient groups in a number of ways, from progressing drug repurposing opportunities through our Rare Treatment Accelerator to partnering with groups to develop treatments for their disease area of interest.

And whilst we’re very interested in partnering with groups whose diseases of interest fit with our current project portfolio, we also welcome enquiries from groups working on other rare conditions where relevant assets, resources and data are available to allow us to fast-track projects to the clinic

If you are interested in partnering with us to progress treatments for your disease of interest please get in touch.

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Our technology

Our AI leverages its unique combination of algorithms to predict and de-risk novel connections in biomedical data, and move the most promising ones towards the clinic.

About Healx

We’re a next-generation team of drug hunters, AI engineers and bioinformaticians, all working together to accelerate the discovery of new treatments for rare diseases.