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The importance of drug repurposing for rare disease

Drug repurposing, simply put, is the studying of drugs already approved to treat one disease to see if they can treat another disease or condition for which they are not approved. Drug repurposing is faster and cheaper than traditional drug discovery and therefore offers hope to rare disease patients where small disease populations can make … Continued

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Childhood cancer treatment: the challenges and solutions

All childhood cancers are considered rare. Each year, around 300,000 new cases are diagnosed among children (0-19 years) worldwide. Advancements in treatment mean that the survival rate for children’s cancer has doubled since the 1960s, yet, despite these successes, cancer is still a leading cause of death amongst children. Here we explore what makes childhood … Continued

Rare disease day – think zebras

The 28th of February will see the 12th annual Rare Disease Day co-ordinated by Eurordis. This international initiative was launched in 2008 and is held on the last day of February each year. The objective of Rare Disease Day is to raise awareness about rare diseases amongst the general public, policy makers, public authorities, industry … Continued

Healx scientists develop new ways of predicting disease relationships

Healx scientists, in a study led by Erin Oerton, have evaluated different types of biological information for their value of relating diseases to each in other, in a publication that has just appeared in the journal Bioinformatics. The study took six different types of data sets into account, namely ontological, phenotypic, literature co-occurrence, genetic association, gene … Continued

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