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We accelerate treatments to clinical trials within 24 months, and our collaborations with patient groups have been key to that success

Rare Treatment Accelerator

Our Rare Treatment Accelerator programme connects academic, patient and industry groups with Healx. Working together, we can quickly turn your research, insights and clinic-ready repurposing assets into treatments that will benefit rare disease patients.

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Drug repurposing

We use AI to accelerate drug discovery and development, but we accelerate it even more by focusing on repurposing known drugs. By saving time, we also save money. One of the greatest benefits, however, is the safety these known drugs have already shown in late-stage trials.


Partnerships that deliver

Our collaborations with patient groups result in faster and safer new treatments for rare disease patients. But that’s not only because we share information and expertise, or leverage the power of AI. We focus just as much on making our partnerships long-term and mutually supportive.


The right technology

Our AI platform Healnet delivers its predictions by leveraging various public and proprietary datasets. If necessary, Healnet can also extract information from those datasets to fill in critical gaps in what we know about certain rare diseases. Our experts always validate these inferences and the opportunities they bring to light.

Vector Dr Bruce Bloom

Patient groups, patients and carers have insights, resources and relationships that can multiply the speed and value of our AI therapy discovery. We need each other to make quick progress for rare disease patients.

Dr Bruce Bloom
Founder of Cures Within Reach, Healx Chief Collaboration Officer
Vector Dr Michael Tranfaglia

The Healx partnership has been nothing short of amazing. In less than two years together, we were able to deliver decades-worth of drug discovery, and now we’re taking those discoveries to the clinic.

Dr Michael Tranfaglia
Medical Director and Co-Founder, FRAXA Research Foundation
Vector Dr Rick Thompson

Healx combine a deep knowledge of drug repurposing with a passionate desire to deliver real change to rare disease patients.

Dr Rick Thompson
Head of Research, Findacure
Vector Dr Cesare Spadoni

Healx changed my perception of what's possible in drug development.

Dr Cesare Spadoni
Founder and Chairman of the Board, aPODD Foundation

AI-powered repurposing versus conventional drug development



AI-powered drug repurposing
3-6 years
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Traditional drug discovery
12-14 years
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From discovery to clinic

There are multiple stages in the development of new treatments, which all together take between 12 and 14 years before reaching regulatory approval.

By focusing on in silico predictions and repurposed drugs, we shorten that timeline to between 3-6 years, cutting the discovery phase alone down to 24 months.


Development costs

AI-powered drug repurposing
Traditional drug discovery
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Development cost

Our focus on AI-driven (in silico) discovery using pre-existing approved drugs significantly reduces costs by shortening the discovery, preclinical validation and clinical trial phases of development.

And where traditional drug development costs can run into the billions of dollars, our method lowers this cost.


Success rates

AI-powered drug repurposing
Traditional drug discovery

Success rates

Currently, only about 5% of potential therapeutic drugs make it from discovery to NDA approval.

The accuracy of our AI, data-driven approach, in combination with our focus on pre-existing approved drugs, results in more than a marked reduction in the attrition rate.

Furthermore, the use of approved drugs lowers the chances of unforeseen side effects and other safety risks to patients.

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Our technology

Our AI leverages its unique combination of algorithms to predict and de-risk novel connections in biomedical data, and move the most promising ones towards the clinic.

About Healx

We’re a next-generation team of drug hunters, AI engineers and bioinformaticians, all working together to accelerate the discovery of new treatments for rare diseases.