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We're Healx, and we're driven by the difference we make for rare disease patients.

For the last five years, we’ve been using our technology, partnerships and drug modelling approach to revolutionise the drug discovery paradigm.

We’re game-changers. Experience it for yourself.


Working at Healx



How do you describe our sense of community? We have 18 different nationalities working here, all of whom bring a little something of “home” with them. But it’s what we share that makes us who we are:


We work hard and we work together. We believe in transparency and clarity in our communications. And more than anything, we’re proud of the work we do and the difference it makes.


Impact and meaning

Unlike most companies, we have the luxury of coming to work with a sense of mission and pride. The communities we help have long been overlooked, and we work with great care and urgency to make a real difference in their lives.



Some of these are obvious, like the relaxed working environment, the flexible hours, the competitive salary and so on. And if you want the whole list of perks, just get in touch with us. 


The less tangible benefits are all the contacts you’ll make in our industry, and the chance to get to work with some of the greatest and most experienced minds in the field today.



Our head office is in Cambridge, UK, but we’re global, with a remote presence in more than 10 different locations worldwide.

Current opportunities:

Our technology

Our AI leverages its unique combination of algorithms to predict and de-risk novel connections in biomedical data, and move the most promising ones towards the clinic.

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