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Community Engagement

People living with rare disease are the reason we exist

It takes a village

The rare disease community is vital to the discovery of new treatments.

We value direct conversation and engagement with people and groups from around the world, and their shared voice helps steer our drug discovery and development programmes.


We continue to be a part of the rare disease community and work closely with patient groups on all of our disease projects, provide new resources for them, and support our colleagues who have a rare disease or care for family members with one.

Dr Bruce Bloom
Chief Collaboration Officer, Healx

You are the experts

We are always eager to increase our patient group collaborations for the diseases we’re working on. Alongside our work with various patient organisations on treatment development projects, we engage and support rare disease groups and their families through events, webinars and other educational content.

Advocating for the rare disease community is one of our core values and we encourage our team to take volunteering days to help out with rare disease charities and projects.

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Some of our partners

Vector Dr Allyson Berent

Healx’s use of cutting-edge AI, combined with our scientific team’s expertise in cell lines and animal models, makes this innovative program incredibly promising - creating a unique opportunity to quickly bring therapies from bench to clinic.

Dr Allyson Berent
Chief Science Officer, Foundation for Angelman Therapeutics (FAST)
Vector Tess Harris

We are delighted to be collaborating with Healx in this pioneering partnership which has the potential to accelerate the development of much-needed treatments for both forms of PKD.

Tess Harris
CEO, PKD Charity
Vector Dr Mike Tranfaglia

The Healx partnership has been nothing short of amazing. In less than two years together, we were able to deliver decades-worth of drug discovery, and now we’re taking those discoveries to the clinic.

Dr Mike Tranfaglia
Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, FRAXA Research Foundation
Vector Megan Golden

We are excited to move the needle forward for pancreatitis patients with the help of Healx. Their AI-powered drug repurposing model gives pancreatitis patients hope that they will see an effective treatment for their disease in the next five years.

Megan Golden
CEO, Mission: Cure
Vector Annette Bakker, PhD

We at Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) are very excited about this partnership. It is very encouraging that Healx is committed to developing innovative treatments for NF patients in collaboration with CTF.

Annette Bakker, PhD
President, Children’s Tumor Foundation
Vector Kate Adcock, PhD

It’s an exciting time for research into muscle-wasting conditions, and treatments are on the horizon. By working with world-leading partners like Healx, we can drive vital research forward and accelerate access to treatments.

Kate Adcock, PhD
Director of Research and Innovation, Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK)
Vector Irina Haivas

We believe that the new paradigm in drug discovery will emerge at the intersection of technology, data, and biology, and we’re confident that Healx’s team is paving the way to a new gold standard in rare disease treatment discovery.

Irina Haivas
Partner at Atomico and Board Member of Healx,
Vector Suranga Chandratillake

The future of medicine will focus on what is different about everyone, personalising treatment and taking the individual into context. Healx’s Healnet platform, at the forefront of this shift, is already delivering value and Balderton is excited to have the opportunity to be part of the company’s journey.

Suranga Chandratillake
Partner at Balderton Capital and Board Member of Healx,
Vector Trina Van Pelt

AI coupled with compute can disrupt and dramatically speed the drug discovery process, and Healx owns the most comprehensive knowledge graph of rare diseases. We’re excited to support this experienced leadership team and provide Intel technology to optimize deep learning workloads, improve performance and lower costs.

Trina Van Pelt
Vice President and Senior Managing Director at Intel Capital,
Vector Jonathan Milner

It’s a pleasure to have been part of Healx since the very beginning. The way they’ve scaled the team, the tech and the number of rare disease projects worked on over the years has been astonishing to watch. If ever proof was needed of the power of technology for societal good - this is it.

Jonathan Milner
Angel Investor and Board Member of Healx,
Vector Dr Ronjon Nag

The way Healx blends the latest AI technology with exceptional drug discovery expertise and patient insights has not only disrupted the traditional approach to drug discovery - it’s the secret ingredient to their success to-date in quickly and effectively finding potential treatments for rare diseases.

Dr Ronjon Nag
President at R42 Group and Advisory Board Member of Healx,
Vector Lemy Tsikna

I am excited to be part of a patient-centric company whose mission is to make a significant difference to the lives of people with rare diseases.

Lemy Tsikna
Senior Resource and Project Manager,
Vector Miguel Pignatelli

If you mix an incredible company mission, the ability to work on your passion (tech) with a flexible work environment, you get a job that can’t easily be matched elsewhere.

Miguel Pignatelli
Full Stack Software Developer,
Vector Michelle Harrison

What do I enjoy most about working at Healx? The people, the place and the sense of purpose.

Michelle Harrison
Senior Marketing Manager,
Vector Ivan Angulo-Herrera

Working at Healx is a constant learning process, every day brings fresh challenges and opportunities to collaborate with people to find new solutions.

Ivan Angulo-Herrera
Associate Director, Pharmacology,
Vector Yasmin Alam-Faruque

I was attracted by the strong mission and values that encourage working together as a winning team. Being welcomed with respect and openness makes you feel part of a big happy (Healx) family.

Yasmin Alam-Faruque
Senior Biocurator,
Vector Rick Thompson, PhD

Healx combines a deep knowledge of drug repurposing with a passionate desire to deliver real change to rare disease patients.

Rick Thompson, PhD
CEO, Findacure

Community support projects

Over the last few years, we have been proud to support and fund a number of patient groups and, in line with our commitment to transparency, we have disclosed details of that support below.

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