Rarepurposing Open Call

We've launched a Drug Repurposing Open Call with our partners. Are you a patient group, researcher or clinician with a drug repurposing idea for a rare disease? We want to help you.

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Our Solutions

Drug Repurposing

Identification of existing drugs that can provide an accelerated route to treatment of rare diseases.

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Drug Response Prediction

Predict whether an individual patient will respond to a drug, enabling development of diagnostic tests or selection of the right individuals for a clinical trial.

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We work with patient groups and charities to identify existing drugs that could treat rare diseases, offering a cost effective way to improve patient quality of life.

Drug Repurposing vs Drug Discovery

Drug repurposing is the analysis of drugs already approved to treat one condition to see if they can be safe and effective for treating other diseases. Many drugs already on the market have been repurposed, examples include Aspirin, Thalidomide and the famous example Viagra which was co-invented by the Healx Chair, Dr David Brown.

Years of Development
12 years 3 years
Cost of Development
$1,800m $50m
Probabilty of Success
5% 25%

Source: Tufts Centre for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD)

Work with Healx


Healx changed my perception of what's possible in drug development.

Cesare Spadoni, Founder and Chair of the Board, aPODD Foundation

Healx combine a deep knowledge of drug repurposing with a passionate desire to deliver real change to rare disease patients. They are easy to work with and believe in bringing the patient perspective to all of their projects.

Dr Rick Thompson, Head of Research, Findacure

Healx Method

Combining Artificial Intelligence with Experienced Drug Developers

Healx technology combines biological data analysis with advanced machine learning to match drugs with diseases. We combine this cutting edge technology with rare disease knowledge and drug development expertise to advance drug matching projects successfully to the next stage.

Intelligent drug matching

Developing Disease Signatures

Each disease is unique and we tailor our predictions specifically for each condition.

Genomic Drug Matching

Analysis of genomic signatures to match drugs with diseases.

Expert Knowledge

Expert drug repurposing knowledge combined with insights gained from the voice of patients help us create better outcomes for all.

Machine Learning

We use machine learning to analyse huge amounts of data and scan millions of scientific publications.

Biotech and Pharma

Our expertise, knowledge base and close collaboration with patient groups provides us with unique insight into rare diseases. We can help match your lead candidates to the ideal orphan indication, increasing the chance of discovering novel treatments for rare disease patients.

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