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Accelerating treatments

for rare diseases

AI-powered, patient-inspired

We’ve created the world’s most efficient AI platform for rare diseases. It makes drug discovery faster, smarter and safer, and supports our team and partners in discovering and translating new treatments towards the clinic.

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Patient groups

Our collaborations with patient groups allow us to accelerate treatment discovery

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Bio-pharma partnerships

We pursue licensing and co-development partnerships to translate new treatments towards the clinic

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Our technology

We’ve developed the world’s most efficient AI for discovering and translating treatments for rare diseases

Rare Treatment Accelerator

Our Rare Treatment Accelerator is a collaboration programme for select rare disease patient groups and clinicians. Its aim is to combine each other’s knowledge, information and expertise, and to leverage the power of AI so that, together, we can discover new treatments and move them towards the clinic within 24 months.

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Discovering and moving at a completely different scale


Experts in drug discovery

Since 2014, we have successfully ramped up our pipeline and partnerships to 10 active projects, of which four are entering phase 2 clinical trials. We have another four projects finishing their preclinical validation and are running another number of in silico discoveries for future projects.


Focused on rare diseases

Rare diseases have been the very heart of our business from the start. We hear the community’s needs and we understand the scientific challenges. And we use AI to discover treatments because we believe in leveraging the quickest and most powerful way forward.


Purpose-built AI

By leveraging public biomedical databases, scientific literature and proprietary curated data, the technologies that make up our AI platform Healnet can fill in critical knowledge gaps in rare diseases. They also cross-validate each other’s results and present preformed, data-driven hypotheses with unmatched speed and accuracy.


Our technology

Our AI leverages its unique combination of algorithms to predict and de-risk novel connections in biomedical data, and move the most promising ones towards the clinic.

About Healx

We’re a next-generation team of drug hunters, AI engineers and bioinformaticians, all working together to accelerate the discovery of new treatments for rare diseases.