Accelerating treatments for rare diseases

Our mission is to improve the lives of rare disease patients by intelligently matching drug treatments. To achieve this, we have developed the most comprehensive AI platform for rare diseases – Healnet

Our expertise

Rare diseases

Rare diseases

Our team of rare disease experts, patient advocates and clinicians understand the challenges of rare disease drug development.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Using AI and machine learning technology from the University of Cambridge, we developed Healnet, a proprietary knowledge base covering over 7,000 rare diseases.

Deep pharmacology

Deep pharmacology

We have a world-class pharmacology team with a proven drug discovery track record, who have contributed to some of the most successful drugs in the world.

Dr David Brown, Healx Co-Founder and Chairman. 
Co-inventor of Viagra. Ex-Global Head of Drug Discovery, Roche.

"The traditional pharma model is broken and is not viable for rare diseases. AI has the potential to revolutionise drug discovery. Using our technology platform, we have shown that we can translate drugs into the clinic 80% faster and about 90% cheaper than traditional drug discovery."

Dr David Brown, Healx Co-Founder and Chairman. Co-inventor of Viagra. Ex-Global Head of Drug Discovery, Roche.

Healx solutions

  • Rare disease strategy Rare disease strategy

    Partnering together to design the most effective way of translating a drug into the clinic.

  • Drug repurposing Drug repurposing

    Identifying existing drugs that could treat a rare disease provides a faster, cheaper and safer route of developing rare disease treatments. We partner closely with patient groups to understand the clinical need and disease information. Feed quality curated data into Healnet to predict treatments, which are subsequently reviewed by expert pharmacologists.

  • Combination therapies Combination therapies

    Determination of optimal therapeutic combinations may improve therapeutic outcomes, reduce side effects and reduce the number of drugs patients need to take. Our methods can predict synergy between compounds, vastly increasing the potential of existing drugs and nutraceuticals. We provide scientific rationale for each combination, in terms of the mechanisms and targets involved, and prioritise combinations for experimental validation.

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Patient advocacy groups

We partner with patient advocacy groups and charities to apply our AI technology and pharmacology expertise to accelerate drug development.

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Biotech and Pharma

Our artificial intelligence-driven technology and rare disease expertise can help companies find the ideal orphan indication, reducing the costs and risks of drug development.

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