Powering therapies for rare diseases through artificial intelligence

Powering therapies for rare diseases through artificial intelligence

Healx builds on its extensive expertise in drug discovery, AI and rare diseases to help pharmaceutical companies accelerate orphan drug development.

Healnet. The AI platform for rare diseases

Rare diseases

Proprietary database covering over 7,000 rare diseases.

Knowledge base

Mapping billions of
drug-disease interactions.

Artificial intelligence

State of the art artificial intelligence from Cambridge University.

"After 40 years in drug discovery I am sure it is time for a radical rethink. Healx is helping to completely transform the traditional drug discovery model, not just trying to fix its broken parts."

Dr David Brown, Healx Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Chairman. Co-inventor of Viagra. Ex-Global Head of Drug Discovery, Roche.

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Our technology

We use artificial intelligence to analyse vast amounts of data, coupled with deep rare disease and pharmacology expertise.

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Meet our leadership team, board of directors and our scientific advisory board.

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