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Combination drug discovery

Identifying and optimising combination strategies to improve therapeutic outcomes, minimise side effects and reduce drug dosage for patients

Efficiency and strength

Many rare diseases exhibit a broad range of symptoms and causes, meaning drug combinations have better therapeutic outcomes than single-drug treatments. However, that can leave millions of potential combinations to test. In addition to predicting the synergy between therapeutic candidates and other compounds, our algorithms rank and prioritise the combinations for further experimental validation.


Our AI can comb through data at a massive scale and empowers human experts with the best results from its discoveries. To rank and prioritise the combinations we discover in silico, our AI platform first identifies and screens the billions of possible combinations against its public and proprietary dataset, from which it “learns” and predicts completely novel combinations. Our drug discovery experts then establish a pharmacological rationale and carefully select the most promising combinations for further validation.


Partner with us

We also have the means for preclinical development and can manage preclinical validation on behalf of (or in collaboration with) our pharma partners. If you’re interested in a combination therapy partnership, please contact our business development team at partnerships@healx.io .

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Our technology

Our AI leverages its unique combination of algorithms to predict and de-risk novel connections in biomedical data, and move the most promising ones towards the clinic.

About Healx

We’re a next-generation team of drug hunters, AI engineers and bioinformaticians, all working together to accelerate the discovery of new treatments for rare diseases.