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We believe in partnerships that produce results. Working together, we can de-risk the drug discovery process and drive forward novel and effective rare disease treatments.

AI-powered treatments for rare diseases

At Healx, we combine innovative AI technology, in-house drug discovery expertise and patient insight to accelerate the development of new and effective treatments for rare diseases.

This AI-powered approach enables us to discover, develop and take novel drugs to market faster, more cost-effectively and with a probability of success three times higher than traditional drug discovery methods allow. It has also enabled us to significantly scale our own portfolio to comprise a considerable number of projects across a range of rare disease areas – in a short space of time.

Together with partners, we work to take treatments all the way from in silico prediction and preclinical validation, through the clinic, and on to commercialisation via either the co-development or in-licensing of assets. Let’s collaborate to fast-track the development of novel and effective rare disease treatments.


Benefits of AI-powered drug redevelopment

Novel treatments

Novel treatments

Healnet, our AI drug discovery platform, identifies new drug-disease matches ready for preclinical validation



Focusing on known molecules allows us to make the most of existing safety and efficacy data to accelerate treatment development

More effective

More effective

Our AI tech enables us to predict therapies with high rates of success and a low risk of side effects - either as mono or combination therapies

Working together we’re able to

Identify and progress novel combination treatments

Our AI technology and focus on combination therapies allows us to discover novel and effective treatments for rare diseases. Thanks to our AI drug discovery platform, Healnet, we’re able to uncover previously unknown relationships between existing drugs and rare diseases. This allows us to target mechanisms of action and develop treatments that have never previously been considered.

When investigating which drugs might treat a rare disease, we explore which known drugs might work well in combination with each other, to enhance safety and efficacy. This combination approach can allow for multiple aspects of a condition to be targeted at once, making for a novel and more effective treatment.

De-risk rare disease drug development

Through our combination of AI technology, drug discovery expertise and a focus on known drugs, we are able to achieve a probability of success three times higher than traditional drug discovery methods allow – in terms of taking a treatment from discovery phase to the market.

Healnet, our AI drug discovery platform, allows us to quickly predict which known drugs have the highest chance of success at treating rare conditions. These predictions are then verified by our in-house team of drug discovery experts before progressing to the preclinical stage.

Fast-track novel treatments to the market

Together, we are working to progress new treatments from in silico drug prediction stage towards clinical trial phase in a time frame of around 24 months. Our AI technology is instrumental in this acceleration as it allows us to analyse all available disease- and drug-related data to pinpoint new treatments for rare conditions in a fraction of the time it would take teams of drug discovery experts.

Our focus on starting with known drugs for mono- and combination therapies also means we’re able to move directly to Phase IIa clinical trials, since the safety profile of these treatments has already been established.

Ways of working together


Licensing opportunities

We are looking to in-license small molecule drugs with evidence of efficacy in rare diseases. These drugs will ideally have a target indication identified and have progressed through the preclinical stage.

If you’re interested in exploring opportunities to out-license existing rare disease assets further, please click the button below.

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Co-development opportunities

We are open to exploring opportunities to enhance and co-develop existing rare disease assets. We work with partners interested in co-developing our treatments – taking these through the clinic to commercialisation.

Combining our knowledge and technology with your expertise, we are able to fast-track the discovery and development of novel mono- and combination therapies. If you’re interested in exploring any of these areas further, please click the button below.

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