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Turning research into reality for patients

Working together, we help progress your treatments towards the clinic and on to commercialisation.

AI-powered, patient-inspired treatments for rare diseases

We combine our innovative AI technology and in-house drug discovery expertise with patient insight to fast-track effective redevelopment treatments towards patients.

We work across a wide spectrum of rare disease areas and collaborate with academic institutions from around the world to identify and progress novel therapies. This collaborative work can take many different forms, from co-development partnerships to in-licensing of drug redevelopment assets.

Whatever the approach, we’re committed to progressing treatments towards patients whilst keeping researchers at the heart of the process. Let’s work together to turn your research into reality and develop treatments that benefit the rare disease community.


Working together we’re able to

Contribute the resources needed to take treatments to patients

With our in-house teams of clinicians, commercial and regulatory experts we’re able to provide the resources and expertise needed to help take your redevelopment assets to the clinic and on to commercialisation.

This expertise, together with the close connections we’ve forged with patient organisations, allow us to design and recruit for trials in the most effective way.

We also recognise the financial burden of taking treatments to patients. That’s why, depending on the project needs, we’re able to assist with the costs of clinical trials. 

Fast-track novel treatments towards patients

Working together, we’re able to progress your drug redevelopment assets towards clinical trials in a time frame of just 6-12 months from project start. Our in-house team of clinicians, drug discovery and regulatory experts are key to this.

Thanks to their experience in the rare disease field, they are able to provide the expertise and support needed to accelerate the progress of your treatments through pre-clinical and clinical trials – and on to patients.

Enhance and validate treatment efficacy

By applying our drug development and clinical expertise we are able to evaluate, validate and enhance your redevelopment assets.

Healnet, our AI drug discovery platform, also allows us to predict which known drugs have the highest chance of success at treating rare conditions, whilst highlighting those that might work well in combination. These predictions are then verified by our in-house team of drug discovery experts before progressing to the preclinical stage.

The benefit of combining several known drugs is that we have a higher chance of being able to target more of the complex and diverse symptoms rare diseases display – and often at lower drug doses.

Benefits of AI-powered drug redevelopment

Novel treatments

Novel treatments

Healnet, our AI drug discovery platform, identifies new drug-disease matches ready for preclinical validation



Focusing on known molecules allows us to make the most of existing safety and efficacy data to accelerate treatment development

More effective

More effective

Our AI tech enables us to predict therapies with high rates of success and a low risk of side effects - either as mono or combination therapies

Ways of working together


Partnership opportunities

Do you have a redeveloped drug with evidence of efficacy in your rare disease of interest but need additional support to take these treatments through trials and towards patients?

By applying our drug development and clinical expertise, along with the necessary financial resources, we’re able to evaluate, enhance and expedite the development of these redeveloped drug treatments – with the aim of starting a clinical trial within 6-12 months from project start.

We are able to work together in the way that best suits your needs and are open to opportunities to either in-license or co-develop your rare disease drug redevelopment assets. These types of partnership are a particular focus of our current Rare Treatment Accelerator (RTA) programme. Click the button below to find out more.

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