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A day in the life

Patrick White

Marketing and Communications Manager
15 December 2021   |  
X minutes
In this series, we spotlight different people in our team and learn what a typical day at Healx is like for them.


"It's 'in the office' day! I joined while the company was still in the midst of remote-working, but the office recently opened up again and myself and a few others have been going in. It's about 6 miles cycle into Cambridge and it can sometimes be a bit of a slog, however the skies are clear and I've got a bowl of porridge in me to burn so I'm looking forward to it."


"We're currently working in a hybrid way, with the majority of people still working from home. But there are some people who go to the office on a regular basis, and I personally really like being able to see people face-to-face and appreciate the change of scenery - working from home all the time can get a bit dull for me. A negative lateral flow test is a requirement of going in.

First thing on this morning's agenda is to let the world know about our recent fragile X trial announcement."


"A big part of my role is helping look after our external communication channels - things like social media - and the website. A key project for me at the moment is the redevelopment of our website (work that will likely be done by the time you read this!). This involves going through all of the content and site structure and assessing what we should change and improve. Startups move fast, and we want to ensure the website stays fresh - so there's always more work to be done!"


"I've got a quick 1-2-1 with my manager Charlotte. She was planning on coming in today but a plumbing emergency kept her at home. We've got a few things to catch-up on, but it's primarily to talk about the response from the announcement we published this morning. We got some great engagement externally, and our message on Slack encouraging our fellow Healixians to engage with it on LinkedIn worked really well!"


"I'm helping organise our Movember team (Top Lip Pipelines) and I write a quick update to the company about our funding progress. We've just broken through the £1200 mark and we're on track to hit target - great news!

There have been mixed reviews on my new look. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether it's a winner..."


"The few people that were in the office have now left and so I head off as well. This gives me a chance to get home while it's still light and see my son before he's asleep. Life is very flexible here and this kind of thing is pretty normal. I direct message Charlotte to let her know I'll be back online soon."


"A message pops up: new designs for our company slide deck are ready! I have an impromptu call with our external designer to give some initial feedback. Our team get quite a few requests like this for tweaking or building graphics for presentations."


"Thankfully cooking the dinner isn't up to me tonight. With a bit of time spare I pop into the garage - which is very cold tonight - and fool around with some microphones. I'm a musician and do quite a bit of home recording. There are a number of other musicians at Healx and there has been talk of forming some sort of band - maybe our first jam will happen in 2022!"


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